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Microflash Professional System of R&D Team

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Author : meo
Update time : 2024-03-13 16:39:45
Microflash Professional System of R&D Team
Microflash has a technical team with 20 years of R&D experience.  The annual R&D investment exceeds 1000W, and nearly 10 new products are developed every year.  It adheres to the technological value-added, constantly overcomes technical problems, and provides customers with powerful new technological solutions and new products.
We provide new design ideas and solutions based on product planning and market demand.  Based on the review results, optimize and improve the design to achieve competitive products.
We have extensive experience in hardware design.  Develop products according to the needs of the market and develop new products that meet both functional and performance requirements.
Our team is familiar with all storage products on the market and focuses on debugging the final product effects.  Professional testing and optimization are carried out according to the storage needs of various industries to ensure the best product effects, including product appearance design, reading and writing speed, product tolerance and other debugging.
Complete the structural design plan according to product specifications, functions, appearance and other requirements, and design the internal structure of the product to ensure that the product structure is more precise and stable.
With 20 years of practical experience in R&D, we conduct testing based on the functional requirements of the product, test the stability of the software, analyze and evaluate possible problems, and launch storage products that are most suitable for the market.